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Central Linen Service / Diamond Drycleaners Apparelmaster

This project was the single biggest business step I have made in my life. The investment cost combined withthe new building and equipment was huge and in this case we wanted to make the right choices from day one.Working with Bowe NZ LTD and my close association with their German principals Kannegiessser they came upwith the right design and layout solution designed around our specific needs and requirements. The installationincluded a Soiled Sorting System and Storage, a Power Trans batch washing system, 4 x Dryers, Clean Bag StorageSystem and a Gas Fired Oil Ironing Line and a Semi Automated Garment folder.

The installation of this equipment, was on schedule, and fully managed by Bowe from day one, to make sure it wasas smooth and effective as possible.

Big projects always have unseen hiccups, and we did have several in the first few weeks but it’s your businesspartnerships that ensure they flatten out smoothly and are fixed quickly and efficiently.We here at Central Linen Service are very proud of our new facility as must be Bowe NZ LTD who played such animportant role in our success.

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