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Eastern Dry Cleaners

Congratulation to Eastern Dry Cleaners in Christchurch who are the first dry cleaners in the South Island to work with Sensene solvent. Along with choosing a new solvent they chose to replace their Union machine with a Bowe 6th Generation Multi Solvent M30 Black Forest edition model.

In their words:

"Eastern has always kept up to date with the latest technologies the industry has to offer and is currently the only dry-cleaner in Christchurch to be using modified alcohol. This is the most advanced cleaning technology available today. It has a very high solvency power yet is very gentle on fabrics. It keeps textiles bright colours, prevents discolouring and leaves textiles with a great 'touch' and a pleasant clean smell. It is inherently biodegradable and has a low aquatic toxicity and is therefore an environmentally responsible textile cleaning solution."

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