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Ace Dry Cleaners

Ace Dry Cleaners in Flat Bush, Manukau.

The Bowe Mi240 (12kg) multi-solvent dry-cleaning machine which works with hydrocarbon solvent – the latest model from the line series.

The new iLine series of dry-cleaning machines sets a new standard in the range of products BÖWE Textile Cleaning can offer to customers worldwide.

This new range combines and shares the same technology used in the well-known PremiumLine but taking into account the cost effective level these machines fit in without making compromises. Thanks to this new design that uses a mix of implemented components used in other series (e.g. loading door, round distillation made in stainless steel AISI 316, drystat, etc.) and renewed unit blocks (e.g. conical semi-auto cleaning water separator, slanted round air duct and new tanks) the iLine is a great solution for many. Obviously a high degree of reliability and durability has been taken into consideration from the BÖWE engineers and even in these machines' high-quality materials combined with perfected technology are part of the standard. All machines are equipped with FAG bearings and Viton® seals, stainless steel drum and pipes, BÖWE Kontiflex oversize condensers made in stainless steel AISI 316, accessible refrigeration unit with Copeland scroll compressors and German volume drying sensor, BÖWE drystat, cataphoresic coated cooler and back plate.

Ace Dry Cleaners
Flat Bush, Manukau
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