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Our expertise in all things drycleaning is second to none, as is our access to the world's leading equipment manufacturers. Our clients rely on us to provide maximum efficiencies for the minimum outlay, and you can too.

Feel free to browse through our supplier sites listed below or contact us directly. Remember, you don't have to do all the hard work yourself - we offer a complimentary consultation and evaluation report, bespoke to your requirements. Just give us a call!

Distribution of High Quality Japanese manufactured Sankosha brand machinery for finishing, pressing and packaging related to the Fabricare industry including Drycleaners, Launderers, Garment Refinishers via a wholesale network of factory trained distributors. Part sales, training and customer support provided to distributors and end users.


BOWE TEXTILE CLEANING Have been in business since 1945 and are based in Augsburg Germany. They are recognised as one of the top manufacturers in the world of dry-cleaning machinery for retail & industrial work.


Based in Shanghai Comprehensive Industrial Development Zone, Sailstar Machinery covers 180,000 m2 of land area and with over 700 employees. Since its transformation from a dockyard to a laundry machine manufacturer in 1986, Sailstar has experienced remarkable development. Today, Sailstar has become the leading industrial laundry machine manufacturer and service provider owned by Morningside, an international investment group.


VEIT products stand for the experience, reliability and quality of a manufacturer who concentrates on the design and manufacture of ironing technology. This has made Veit one of the leading brands in industrial finishing worldwide. Veit's comprehensive product range provides tailor-made solutions for any spectrum of the Dry-cleaning industry.


BUFA are manufacturers of quality Drycleaning and Laundry Detergents & spotting agents including Textile & Leather cleaning plants. Bufa provide a modern carefully balanced wet-cleaning programme offering solutions and applications for most types of textile garments.


IXOM is an innovative global chemical network. We are their New Zealand representative for the dry-cleaning industry for the supply of Perchloroethylene only. Please contact our office for pricing on drums of perchloroethylene from 32.6 Kg to 200 Kg drums.


EAST COAST STEAM PTY LTD is a specialist boiler manufacturing company set up specifically for manufacturing boilers and pressure vessels and steam installation ancillary equipment.


HAWO products are world wide leading in several sectors like dry-cleaners, laundries, the garment industry, hotels and professional clothing-packaging companies. Hawo supply Garment packaging devices and L-sealers which are high quality products developed, produced and marketed by the company itself.


EVERCARE professional lint pick ups and accessories are constantly at work behind-the-scenes at thousands of hotels, veterinary offices, dry-cleaners & retail shops and are the tools of choice of janitorial and cleaning services around the world.

ANGHINETTI SRL gathers leading manufacturers of industrial ironing equipment along with the main importers/distributors of 45 countries with great technical experience. Anghinetti enjoys high reputation through all end-users, big factories and small industry in garments and shoes, leather and upholstery, or where ever sewing products require quality. The appreciation for Anghinetti is also due to its flexibility in meeting customers' requirements as well as the quality of its products. Approved models. Superior finishing. Prompt service. RELIABILITY GUARANTEED.


American Dryer Corporation is the leading manufacturer of ground-breaking and energy-efficient drying solutions for commercial coin-operated, on-premise and industrial laundry markets in 90 countries worldwide. ADC is a pioneer and is devoted to revolutionizing the dryer industry. The result of this single-minded pursuit is a brand that is trusted by laundries worldwide for innovative and quality dryers and a reputation that has established American Dryer Corporation as the world's largest sole manufacturer of commercial laundry dryers.


what Clients Say

We have been using Bufa spotters (Tanex, Ferex, Medex, Secafix, Blodex and Oldazyme) for many years. The staff love the combination of effectiveness and safety in these products, especially when spotting delicate items.

Paul Kendall

Regal Dry Cleaners

Bowe have supplied our drycleaning stores with drycleaning consumables and chemicals for the past 7 years. I have always found their service and responsiveness to requests great.


Sincerity Drycleaners, Vogue Drycleaners, Waikato Drycleaners

The fact that the average staff longevity in the company is 13 years indicates we love doing what we do for our customers and keep coming back for more... thank you customers !!!

Team Bowe