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Company: Maxwells Drycleaning (S.I) Ltd

The largest drycleaning service in the South Island. 4 retail stores, 4 citywide pick up vans and over 40 agencies. Servicing leading hotels, motels and businesses.

When I started, there was an existing relationship with Böwe NZ Ltd that we’ve happily continued.  One of the key gains for us is that we tap into their expertise particularly regarding technological improvements and the latest innovations; whether it’s printed film advances or 6th generation drycleaning machines. 

When we bought our latest machines they came down, installed and programmed them and made sure we knew exactly what was going on before they left.  Their team is excellent and very knowledgeable and throughout the industry they’re known for it.

They don’t just sit on their hands but are actively involved in our business.  Böwe have invested heavily in products that are the best; from the latest soaps and the best way to achieve the cleanest clothes, to the biodegradable plastics side and we’ve followed them in that.

They have collectively such deep knowledge about the industry and they are ready to advise and inform us on state of the art developments which helps keep our business on top, where we want it to be.

Greg Irvine, General Manager
The largest drycleaning service in the South Island