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Company: Canterbury Linen Service

The largest laundry service in the South Island. 95 staff.

Servicing hotels, motels, rest homes, the army, the District Health Board and more... Turning over more than 300,000 laundry items weekly.

We've worked with Böwe NZ Ltd for more than 15 years. When we first approached them we thought we knew what we wanted, however Böwe's European experts were able to suggest even better solutions than we could have conceived. Böwe's resources surpassed our expectations from that initial concept and they have continued to be excellent in terms of maintenance and supply.

The initial implementation was very smooth and we found Böwe to be a pleasure to work with. We did experience one parts failure but Böwe put the part, along with a technician, on a plane from Auckland and we were back up and running within 6 hours.

As you'd expect in our industry, we hear what others say about our suppliers and Böwe's reputation continues to be excellent across the board. I would recommend them highly for their quality service, dedication and resourcing including access to the latest innovations and environmental technologies.

Rod Fisher, Operations Manager
Largest laundry service in the South Island